Using Benchmarks to Improve Your Business

Benchmarking your business is a way of measuring your performance against similar-sized businesses in your industry. It gives you essential information about how you can improve your business.

Benchmarking helps you to:

  • See where you can reduce costs and improve efficiency

  • Assess the productivity of your business compared to how many employees you have

  • Identify opportunities for improvement, new ideas and innovative practices

  • Highlight opportunities for making your business more competitive

  • Forecast the impact of any changes and see how to prepare for growth. 

At Trilogy Professional Group we have access to Bstar software benchmarking which can can access 5 unique categories of Industry Performance Benchmarks.

  1. Trading

  2. Growth and Performance

  3. Staff

  4. Operating Costs

  5. Assets, Cash Flow, Finance and Value


Trilogy Professional Group offers established practices:



I have been a client of Rod Evans for the past 6 years. During this time, our business has grown ...


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