Business Advisory

Together, we will develop marketing, sales, systems, team building, and personal growth strategies and initiatives to implement, test, and measure.

We will advise you in the effective integration of the most effective strategies into your business. These will be designed so that we can evaluate the results and determine the best strategies for future business growth and profitability.









Business Advisory Services

We will assist you with the strategic direction and implementation of strategy in the following areas.

Goal Setting

Establishing and evaluating outcomes of each goal, systematising the results of goal setting sessions to ensure consistency of positive outcomes.

Strategic Planning

Identification of vision, values, and long-range plans, identifying opportunities, understanding of the 'SWOTs' of your business, understanding the purpose of the business and how it connects with your personal goals.


Positioning your product or service, identifying your target market and USP, creating marketing and advertising campaigns that deliver results utilising many different strategies.


Basic selling techniques, relationship building, using materials effectively in selling, developing sales processes, overcoming objections, and using sales scripts.


Analysis of how materials are ordered, products are produced and delivered, the flowcharting and creation of systems to increase efficiency and output, preparation of the business to work without your involvement.


Review of current team, development of organisational chart and position descriptions, staff development plans and team building; effectively ensuring "the right people are on the right seat on the right bus".

Personal Growth

Development of personal goals, plan for life-long learning, identification of behavioural styles and modalities of communication and learning, ensuring business goal alignment.

Accountability & Mentoring

Inspiration to achieve goals and complete strategies at an agreed upon pace, support and encouragement, assistance with developing timelines and overcoming obstacles to each strategy.



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