Portfolio Management


Your total investment portfolio is reviewed and structured according to your needs.

Research and analysis is undertaken, however all investments can be effected by a wide range of influences that can be beyond our control. For this reason it is essential to construct a diversified portfolio. The aim is to take on the lowest amount of risk or any given level of return - this is an 'efficient' portfolio.

To determine the appropriate mix of assets many factors need to be considered. Time frame, objectives, tax, experience. Your 'risk profile' is very important - we need to balance the level of risk that you feel comfortable, with the expected returns. And the asset allocation is the most important factor in investment returns.

Generally, the higher return that is expected then the higher the risk must be taken. For this reason your time frame is important. Investments that are appropriate for the long term may be totally inappropriate for the short term.

Although a higher weighting towards growth assets should reward with a higher return, it is imperative that the investor is comfortable with the increase volatility or fluctuation of valuations in the short term.



This website is provided for general information only and is not personal advice. It does not consider your personal circumstances, goals or needs. You should seek professional advice from Trilogy Professional Group Financial Advisor or another qualified advisor before acting on any information on this website.


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