Asset Protection

In Australia business owners, property owners, professionals (eg doctors and lawyers) and those in high-risk jobs all face increased risk from out-of-control litigation.

If you are sued, your insurance should cover some of your losses. Asset-protection planning isn't a replacement for insurance, but it is a backstop--a way to shield some of your wealth, should you be hit with a big judgment that isn't fully covered.

Most business and property owners unknowingly have their assets exposed and risk losing their wealth. This is because they have not been advised on how to structure their assets and liabilities in the event of misfortune.

To avoid catastrophe, Trilogy Professional Group help our clients to

    maximise the protection of their assets
    ensure their assets are owned in the most appropriate structure
    build a wall between their business and personal assets
    gain the maximum security they can for advances to their business
    protect themselves before it's too late


I have found that Rod and the team at Trilogy a...


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