At Trilogy Professional Group, our number 1 goal has always been to “grow your beans, not just count them” so we have developed a 3 month programme with 3 main objectives:

  1. your goals are clear
  2. you have the right team around you and
  3. your business becomes more  profitable (and enjoyable).

The sessions are for 1.5 hours fortnightly for 3 months with a maximum of 5 businesses per programme. You will leave this programme not just knowing “what” to do but “how” to grow your business profits plus it is a great opportunity to network and brainstorm with other like-minded business owners.

Here’s the topics and the key areas which we will cover :

  • Setting the Vision and Goals
  • The key areas of the
  • Business Plan
  • Your Succession and Exit plan
  • Develop your first 90 day action plan
  • Leadership v Management
  • Qualities of a successful leader
  • Gain control of your time
  • The 4 behaviour styles to understand people
  • 101 Marketing Ideas to
  • increase sales
  • Power of your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Creating your marketing plan
  • Writing ads that sell
  • 5 ways to unlock your cashflow potential
  • Your 5 key profit drivers
  • How to work out your break-even point
  • How to read your numbers
  • Develop a Consistent
  • Sales Process
  • The 5  critical sales skills
  • Handling objections to
  • close sales
  • Relationship marketing
  • The importance of an effective recruitment process
  • Organisational structures
  • Clear Job roles and Responsibilities
  • KPIs and incentives

Investment for this programme is $395 per month or $1185 (incl GST) for full programme.




"I have found the programme to be extremely engaging. The information was valuable from facilitators and participants, easy to understand and incorporate into my business. Comforting to know you are not alone".Kerrie

" It is important to have a periodical house-keeping check up. Regardless if you feel everything is OK or not, you need to know the tools to use to "know" not "feel" it is all on track. It is not always about growth when you seek education and enlightenment but to sustain the path you are on". Kate

" The course has made me realise what needs to be done and has got me motivated to do things in my business. I have enjoyed the course!". Felicity

" The Growing Your Beans programme has helped me learn more about myself. It validated for me that my goals and desires are very much possible and achievable. It also brought me and my husband together so that we can work on this project together". Milka

" It was a great platform to grow my knowledge base around some very important aspects of running my business. Probably the most important thing I learned was how to interpret my financials and understand them". Danny

"GYB provides a birds-eye view of our business, enabling us to see more clearly the good, the bad and the ugly. Well worth taking the time out for". Peter

"Simple structures that worked for me ; (1) marketing (2) staff organisation (3) breaking myths/fears of financials"

" Learning in a very non-threatening and supportive environment; about how we can change to change our business outcomes. Sharing ideas and learning from each other's experiences" Theresa

" GYB is more than learning about your business. The platform allows group discussion and it is such a a relief to know you are not alone and there are people going through the same things as you. The content is extremely informative, easy to understand and I would highly recommend it". Glenn

"The Growing Your Beans course has been of tremendous value for my business and me personally. It has helped me understand my business, how to budget correctly and how I can affect the way my business is run. Being able to meet with other business owners who have similar goals in growing their business. Listening to ideas on what has worked and not worked in thei business". Lonny

"I enjoyed the relaxed and no-judgemental environment of the course. The presenters had excellent technical knowledge in all areas of business. The course has helped keep me accountable with my goals and there is also good follow up support in whatever area I need". Andrew

"Just wonderful to have our accountant combine with a coaching structure - a brilliant combination. We have noticed our turnover and profitability has massively increased since doing the course because we know what areas to concentrate our efforts on. Wonderful insights in every session not only from the presenters but from the other participants. Patti







I have enjoyed the Growing Your Beans course. I...


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