Did you know that 93% of all small to medium sized businesses lose thousands of dollars in unnecessary tax each year simply because their business isn’t set up in the right structure?

Business owners are also at risk of getting sued even if they have insurance meaning their personal assets are at risk as well - it is imperative that your business is set up so your personal assets are protected.

There are real advantages in choosing a structure best suited to the way you want to operate your business.

Setting up the most appropriate structure can protect your assets from future liabilities, or for future generations, whilst leaving you in control of the assets. Certain structures can be very tax efficient and can be used effectively to minimize capital gains tax on the sale of your business or investment assets.

It is important to understand the advantages and responsibilities of different structures as they may affect the way tax applies to your business, protection of your assets, your operating costs and how other businesses deal with you.

Certain structures can be a powerful tool in protecting your wealth and we can help you ensure you obtain the protection you and your family need.

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