Preparing For Sale - Keeping It Neutral

A full renovation of your home before putting it up for sale might not always be the best idea.  Maybe all that’s needed is a little clever decorating to get that potential buyer over the line.  The big question to ask is will a renovation add extra value?  Or will you spend too much money renewing the kitchen and bathrooms which you can never hope to recover.  Admittedly, it might make the property more attractive and guarantee a quicker sale, however, you need to be very clear in your mind just why you’re renovating prior to sale.
Quite often all that is needed is to update the paint with the intelligent use of a few accessories.  Whatever you do, there’s one golden rule – keep it neutral!

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is to prepare their house for sale in the style they’d like to live in, rather than putting themselves in the shoes of potential purchasers and providing them with a canvas which they can personalise and make their own quickly and inexpensively after moving in.  So what do we mean by keeping it neutral?

Basically, keep the permanent finishes, such as walls, tiles, joinery and bench tops in a neutral colour range and leave it to the accessories, such as cushions and throws to add that flair and splash of colour.  The classic neutrals, often overlooked as being uninspired, are in fact the foundations upon which to build a long lasting scheme.  A potential buyer will be able to see at once that everything is in good order but they will be able to make it “theirs” instantly with very little expense.

The addition of texture, well designed furnishings and a splash of interesting colour provides all that is required for a stunning decorating scheme.  Be careful with warm neutrals as they will advance and will therefore create an illusion of a smaller, warmer space and should therefore be used carefully in very small or dark areas.  Of course, if you are looking to achieve a rich cosy environment then darker, warmer tones are perfect to use.

The base neutrals of kohl, ivory, parchment and stone are a classic combination which on its own is very pleasing due to the various strong tonal variations. The neutrals can be cool or warmed up with the addition of taupe and caramel.
These palettes are enduring and the clever decorator will employ these as a classic foundation.

The expensive task of redecorating a space prior to a sale can be avoided by using the classic neutral base and simply varying the accent of colour.

Source: Samantha Bacon Colours.
Samantha Bacon designs unique colour schemes for interiors and exteriors of residential and commercial properties and is a colour feature and trends writer for Country Home Ideas and Home Ideas magazines and has featured on Channel 7’s Morning Show as their colour expert. To contact Samantha, call her on 0417413611 or email info@samanthabacon.com.au.
You can visit her website at www.samanthabacon.com.au for more information about her services.



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