What Does The New Government Mean To You?

On the first day of the Coalition Government, the new Prime Minister Tony Abbott instructed the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to draft legislation to remove the Carbon Tax (to be completed within a month), with the intention of introducing the legislation on the first day of the new Parliament.  It was the first foray into a m...

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Losing It! How to Make the Most of Your Losses

  No one in business likes a loss at the end of the financial year.  Most of us have grown up on the mantra ‘brackets are bad.’  Recent changes however might soften the blow by giving you access to a cash refund from the Australian Tax Office (ATO).  Australia might have been a shining economic light in...

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Gone Phishing - The Top Scams

  Every year, thousands of people are caught by scams.   A recent Australian Competition & Consumer Commission report stated that in 2012, Australians reported losing over $93m – that’s just the people who reported the scam. From the ATO
The ATO has issued a warning about a new phishing email scam. Pr...

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Revolutionising Small Business With Cloud Computing

There’s a very good reason why an increasing number of business-to-business operators on the Central Coast are turning their attention towards cloud-based software solutions – their clients. I spoke to the owners and clients of two Central Coast based business service providers that have made the decision to partner a cloud-ba...

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What Changed on 1 July 2013?

Here’s a brief summary of what changed on 1 July:   • The minimum rate for superannuation guarantee contributions increases from 9% to 9.25%.  The rate will continue to increase steadily until it reaches 12% from 1 July 2019 onwards. • The upper age limit for super guarantee has been removed.  That m...

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